GCCL Logistics Services, a partner of Primus International Philippines Corporation, is the leading customs broker in the Philippines. Our company provides faster customs clearance for import and export business. We provide dedicated services for seamless importer’s accreditation in the Bureau of Customs as well as providing top-notch legal advice for the timely release of problematic importations. We also provide proper customs valuation and documentations for importation of goods to the Philippines.

We are also a fast growing logistics service provider other than being a professional customs broker in the Philippines. Together with our trusted business partners, we provide professional and dedicated services including but not limited to warehousing, domestic and international freight forwarding, shipping, barge services, marine insurance, cargo trucking, sea freight and air freight to move your goods and cargo in and out of the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Russia, United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and the countries of South America, Middle East, Europe and Africa

Company Vision

To be the leading customs broker and logistics provider in the Philippines and in the Asia Pacific region.

Company Mission

To utilize our more than 50 years of combined expertise in customs brokerage, logistics and international trade facilitation for importers and exporters in the Philippines and other countries worldwide.

Company Governance

Professional Customs Broker

GLLC Logistics Services maintains an ethical and high standard of company governance imbued with integrity, transparency, accountability and passion for service to its shareholders and the society. Thus, we adhere to the international best practice for logistics and customs governance consistent with the Republic Act 9280 known as “The Customs Brokers Act of 2004” and Republic Act 10863 otherwise known as the “Customs Modernization and Tariff Act” or (CMTA) and other Government Rules and Regulations and Pertinent Laws in the Philippines and the nations in the Asia Pacific Region.

We at GCCL Logistics Services continuously pursues strategies to bring long-term value creation for our shareholders, in a manner that raise the bar of logistics and customs code of conduct and governance at par with the international standards.

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